[POEM] Missing

I look around then take a stare at skies

Such a beautiful day

Sun shines, wind blows softly

Smells of flowers and coffee

Sounds of laugh and chatters

What a wonderful day to be

Then i take a ship of my coffee, want to feel it, comfort with it

That sun shines, wind blows softly

The smells of flowers and my own coffee

Those sounds of laugh and chatters

Seems like a thick mist in front of me

I don’t know why, I don’t know what

I don’t even know what should I do

That sun shines, that wind blows

Those smell of flowers or my coffee

Those laugh and happiness

I saw them as darkness, emptiness and loneliness

I can’t get along through those are

A can’t get along when you’re not here.

by : reenepott © 2014


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