[FICTION] Mailbox

Writing Prompt – Mailbox

a drabble by reenepott

Written in English.

A/N: I’m sorry kali ternyata gue kepedean tingkat dewa sok-sokan make bahasa Inggris mwehehehe. Maklum masih harus banyak belajar, mohon koreksinya ya…


She has to move on. She must move on.

Holly freaking God! It’s already five years yet she is still thinking of him. He already dumped her that day, in Halloween party in their last year of college. Alexandra sighed hard. It’s not like they was in relationship. It’s just a merely fling for her, and maybe a close friend for him. But when she found him made out with the most gorgeous girl that night, the fact pinch her heart and shattered it into pieces.

Stop! Stop it, Alexandra! Stop thinking of him!

Her phone beeping. One mailbox received.

Her brows knitted ungracefully. Who the hell would call her in the middle of the night? And she forgot that she set her phone in silent mode since her job interview this morning in Maxfield Enterprise. She definitely didn’t hear it ringing. Sighing, Alexandra pick her phone and play the mailbox.


You must be sleeping in this hour, Miss Pierce. I just want to inform you that based on your CV, you’re hired by Maxfield Enterprise as the CEO’s personal assistant, you can start from next Monday, 7.30 sharp. Your presence expected before that. Good night, Miss Pierce.

But there is still a long pause. There is still no second beep.

… I thought I lost you, Alexandra. From now on, you can’t go away from me.

Alexandra stunned at her position. Who the heck….?

Oh shit.

That’s why she felt that deep hoarse yet gentle voice sound so familiar. She didn’t realized it until she heard him call her name.

That Brandon Maxfield, the very same guy that dumped her that day. How fool she is, for not knowing that the CEO of Maxefield Enterprise who just left her a mailbox is, that Brandon guy himself.


[FICTION] Mailbox

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