[FF] Sight of Curiosity

Sight of Curiosity

a one-shot by reenepott

Kim Myungsoo, OC | Romance, Fluff

Written in English

A/N : I know my English still so bobrok jadi mohon koreksinya ya sodara-sodara. hehehe.


The sun shines brightly, its summer again. I can feel the heat  over my skin even just sitting in the class, far away from the window and sunlight. I don’t really  like summer. Even I like sweating easily when we do sports, it’s radiance can be painful to skin and left a burned trace. That’s gonna be a little bit of… troublesome. I prefer spring and autumn instead.

Classes always boring, but what else I can do? I’m not the clever one so I have to study harder. Another home works, another assignments. Another new chapter to learn. And now, another paper that I have to do and…


Another pen that fled from my pencil case. How great. I have to bring three pens from now on.

“Okay classes, I hope all of you collect this paper to my desk right after your last subject today. I have another appointment to attend and have to leave soon. Please don’t make a noise until this subject end, and, your new seat-map have already done, you can check it by yourself. Remember, keep these last ten minutes still!” Then, the teacher left after leaving the new seat-map plastered on the black-board.

I sighed again, and tucked out my paper that have to be submitted in the end of this day. My classmates are rushing over to the new seat-map and I don’t care. There must be someone who tell me to move, I don’t have to follow them running around that way.

“Sukhee! You have to move away! That’s my new seat!” I suddenly looked up and found Chaerin brought her bag my way. I nodded and start to pick up my things.

“Then where’s my new seat?”

Chaerin already approached me and put her bag on the table while I’m still managing my things. “Well, you are so lucky. Didn’t you heard Hana already cried out that Myungsoo weren’t with her?”

I furrowed my eyebrows and took the my last thing in the drawer. “What’s the problem with my seat and Hana who didn’t get a seat with Myungsoo?”

Chaerin rolled her eyes and took a seat immediately. “Because you’re his new seat-mate, silly. Now go, he’s already sitting there peacefully!”

I stunned.


Third Person’s POV

The first thing that comes to Sukhee’s mind is, will Hana be okay to her? Hana is well-known as the top-fan-club’s-captain of Myungsoo’s, and even she didn’t flirt around him, she’s still annoying. She has that super-loud-voice that might break everyone’s eardrums, and those annoying questions that sometimes raising everyone’s temper. Sukhee never have thought of being her bullying object, and won’t ever let that happen.

Slowly, Sukhee approaches Myungsoo who is sitting on the second line from the back. She hesitates at first, so she just puts her bag carefully and takes a seat beside him quietly. Well, Kim Myungsoo, or Myungsoo, or L which nickname came from his fan-girls outside school, didn’t realize Sukhee until she starts to pick out her books and her pencil case.

Sukhee have already prepared if Myungsoo won’t talk to her–

“Hello there,”

Sukhee turned her head and found Myungsoo starring at her with a slight smile. She blinked for several time, “H-hi,” she felt her voice cracked from shocked.

Myungsoo chuckled and keep starring at Sukhee with that dimply-smile, which made her heart jolted and her fingers froze. “You are really quiet, Sukhee-ssi,”

Sukhee raised her eyebrows in confused. “What?” What? So, he knows her name?

“I hope we’ll get along very well, Sukhee-ssi,” Sukhee put on a slight smile at Myungsoo’s words and nodded. She started to rearranged the drawer when she heard Myungsoo sighed beside her and whispered to himself. “I don’t know why you always make me curious,”

Sukhee stunned for a moment. Was Myungsoo talking to her? Or to himself?


Days passed away and Sukhee already changed her thoughts towards Myungsoo. He is not cold, and not quite at all. He is such a talkative guy and ignorant sometimes. He likes to hide her pencil case or her dictionary and uses them as his pillow when he wants to sleep! Or he will make some weird nicknames for her and keep calling her that way for a week. Sometimes Sukhee have to control her emotions, and she had already explained to Hana that she had nothing to do with Myungsoo.

“Kim Myungsoo, where the hell is my pencil case again?” Sukhee groaned while looking for her drawer and the top of Myungsoo’s desk. “I need my marker there,” the lesson is over and it’s a break time. But Sukhee still have thing to do with her notes and assignment, and she can do it while eating her lunch that she made this morning.

“Mwo? I don’t know. I’m not always hiding your pencil case,” Myungsoo blurted out and try not to look in her eyes. Actually, yes, he hid it. But he can’t keep his laugh if he looked at her. Sukhee only pout and try to looking in her bag. She’s been looking for it for fifteen minutes and she started to be pissed off.

“So impossible Myungsoo, the only human on earth that have an idea of hiding someone’s pencil case is you,” she murmured and keep glancing at Myungsoo from the corner of her eyes. “Oh come on, it’s break time. Just give my pencil case back, and go for lunch with your friends there,”

“I said I didn’t hid it, why you don’t believe me,” Myungsoo keep convincing her by tilting his head. “Fine, if you don’t. But I really did not. I just go for lunch, then,”

Sukhee glaring him suspiciously, until she realized when he got up from his seat and walking away, his hand holding something and she is 100% sure that he wants her to see that thing. It’s her pencil case! “Damn you Kim Myungsoo!” She got up from her seat and chased Myungsoo.

Myungsoo who knows that Sukhee had already realized her pencil case in his hand, started to laugh out loud and run away. He doesn’t know, but he enjoyed the feeling of pissing her off. He loves that cute expression when Sukhee furrowed her eyebrows or pouting her lips. Myungsoo stopped his laugh and turns his back and in a blink of an eye, something bumped on his chest.

Sukhee still making that pissed off expression on her face when she realized that Myungsoo turns his back suddenly. She squealed but already bumped into a broad chest.


Blink. Blink.

Sukhee shut her eyes and froze when she smell the masculine scent of him. And when she felt a pair of hands touch her upper arms, she quickly pull herself away. Sukhee looked into his eyes and realized that their face was so close. He was gazing down at her and it makes her heart started beating fast, so she turned away. “I’m sorry,” with that, she run to the girl’s bathroom, leaving Myungsoo who was still in speechless.


Sukhee entered a chamber and push herself on the door, feeling her heart beating really fast and her face is so hot. She shut her eyes and trying to calm herself, but it didn’t work. She still remember how intense his gaze was, and cursed herself that he affected her this way. Why the hell her heart reacted that way? Why the hell she have to run away?

She can’t be like him. She can’t have a crush on him.

She can’t. She doesn’t want to.

Myungsoo is one of the kingkas, she really doesn’t want any trouble with his fan-girls. Yes, there are seven kingkas in the school and Myungsoo has most fan-girl with the most annoying fan-club president. And, she doesn’t want her feeling left one sided. She can’t have any ‘crushing’ thing when her crush is sitting next to her and talks to her everyday!

Oh dear.


‘Are you mad with me?’

Sukhee stunned when Myungsoo passed her a piece of paper with his handwriting on it in the middle of chemistry class. She stopped reading her notes and stared on his handwriting. But she decided to ignored it and continuing her study. Sighed, Myungsoo pulled it back and wrote another sentence.

‘I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Just don’t ignore me please’

Still no reaction. Sukhee still ignored him.

‘Please, Sukhee-ya. You’ve been ignoring me these past days, and I don’t know anymore how to make you forgive me’

Her heart dropped when she read his last sentence. She shut her eyes, click her pen and wrote a reply.

‘I’m not mad at you. It’s another thing.’

‘What is that?’

‘You don’t have to know Myungsoo. Now leave me alone’

Myungsoo stared at her even she looked away, feeling his gaze on her. Sukhee shut her eyes and drop her head on the table. Her mind flew back when the queenka, Park Jiyeon confronted her view days ago.

Sukhee was arranging her things in her locker when she felt a figure stood up behind her back. She’d just done and locked it back when a voice greeted her. “Shim Sukhee, can I have a word for a moment?”

It’s a girl’s voice. Her eyes got wide and she quickly turned her back. Oh my God. It is Park Jiyeon who was standing in front of her. How could she know her name? “W-what?” Sukhee stuttered in the middle of shocked and confused.

“I just get my point straight. Don’t  come near Myungsoo, can you? Because he will never interested in you,” Jiyeon piercing her gaze upon Sukhee while folding her arms.

“W-what? W-why?” Sukhee knitted her eyebrows while looking at Jiyeon. She isn’t scared at Jiyeon at all, but indeed she confused because suddenly they talked about Myungsoo. Well, they hadn’t known each other before.

“I saw you two yesterday, and honestly, I don’t like a bitch like you clinging around my boyfriend like that. Just stand away,”

“Wait, I don’t know he has a girlfriend,” Sukhee gritted her teeth and glared back. She got irritated when Jiyeon called her ‘bitch’, like, what the hell?! “I’m sorry okay, he never told me that he has a girlfriend, and I have already told Hana that I have nothing to do with him,” Sukhee breathed in before continuing her words. “And I’m not clinging around him.” Sukhee doesn’t know why but the idea of Myungsoo having girlfriend kind of makes her chest tightened.

Jiyeon only glared and Sukhee, didn’t know what to do because this girl knows how to talk back. “Just don’t go near my Myungsoo, understand?”

Pissed off, Sukhee glared back and put on a smirk on her face. “Take it easy miss, I’m not interested in him either,”

Sukhee breathed out and lift her head back, then looked at the clock.


It’s a break time. Sukhee just decided to went out of class quickly, right after the teacher’s back. Myungsoo’s eyes were following her figure, and when he wanted to go after her, a girl voice called him.

“Myungsoo-ya~!” Myungsoo turned his head and found Jiyeon standing in front of the door before going towards his desk. Myungsoo sighed.

He doesn’t know the real reason why Jiyeon always interrupt his break time these past days, because he doesn’t believe if that girl really asked him to teach her math. And she appeared just in the right time after Sukhee flew away from his sight.

He blinked at his thought.

He just had realized that Jiyeon started to annoy him in the same time with Sukhee who started to ignore him.

“Myungsoo-ya, what are you thinking? Did you hear what I just asked you?” Jiyeon waving he hand in front of Myungsoo’s face in able to gained his attention. “Are you okay?”

Myungsoo looked at Jiyeon in a cold state. “Do you know a girl named Shim Sukhee?”

Jiyeon looked surprised with his question, but she made a bored expression. “Oh, your seatmate. Why?”

“Have you ever talked to her?” he piercing his gaze on Jiyeon while his tone became even colder.

“Yes, once.” She said truthfully. “But why talking about her? She is no one important. Do you have a problem with her?”

“She’s been ignoring me these past days,” Myungsoo said bluntly, still the same tone. But Jiyeon made a sweet smile towards him.

“Then, that’s good. She isn’t worth to be friend,”

And those words raised Myungsoo’s temper. “What are you saying?!”

Jiyeon blinked her eyes in surprised. “W-why did you sound so mad? W-well, she is no one and not presentable to be friend with you! You are a kingka and I am queenka. I just told her to stay away because she is no one important and you’ve already taken!”

Myungsoo stared at her in shocked. “Listen here, Missy, you don’t have any right to do that. We only know each other for days and I admit I don’t want to know you more than your name. I am not taken and I have my own will to choose who is the important person of mine!” Myungsoo shot his anger and made all of the student in the class stared at them.

“B-but I like you… no one ever reject me…” Jiyeon squealed and trying to reach Myungsoo’s hand but he toss it away.

“I don’t know you except you are Park Jiyeon and need a math course. I don’t like you and because of what you have done I don’t want to be friend with you anymore. You are so pathetic,” Myungsoo hissed at Jiyeon and shot her a mocking smirk. “If you ever disturbed Sukhee or lay a finger on her again, I’m sure will make you regret throughout your life,”

And with that, Myungsoo walk out of the class, leaving Jiyeon who was still froze in shocked and students that still starring in awe. But he doesn’t care anymore. He has to went over Sukhee as soon as possible.


Sukhee sighed in relieved when she found an empty spot in the corner of the library. Yes, these past days she always spent her break time in the library, reading some novels. It makes her in peace, and sometimes she bringing snacks silently in case she is hungry. And now, she brought a piece of sandwich and will be accompanied by a historical-romance novel that just landed in her lap. The advantages hiding in the corner are, no one interrupt and no one will caught you bring along foods in the library. Such a smart excuse.

When she just have a bite on her sandwich and opened the first chapter of the novel, someone sat beside her. She blink for a moment, and turned her head. Her eyes got wided when she found Myungsoo sat so close to her, and when their eyes met, he smiled lovingly. “Hello there. I need to go around the building before thinking that you might be here,”

“What are you doing here?!” she screamed most like a squealed. But Myungsoo’s eyes landed on the book in her hand.

“Historical-romance? Wow, you love this kind of romantic scene, eh?”

“Shouldn’t you with your girlfriend right now? Why are you here?” Sukhee knitted her eyebrows and looked at Myungsoo in confused, ignoring his question. “I don’t want to interfere you and your relationships again, okay?”

Now Myungsoo gazed at her in dissatisfied. “I never told you that I’m in relationships. I don’t have any girlfriend either,”

“But days ago Jiyeon told me that—“

“So you believe her than me? How long you be friend with her?” It scared Sukhee a bit when Myungsoo talked to her in his cold tone. She looked down to the book on her hands, avoiding his intense gaze on her. Oh my, she felt it again. When her heart beating madly because of him.


“Do you ever saw me looking and talking with her?” Myungsoo shot her a question and Sukhee only can hung her head down.

“No,” she answered weakly.

“Do you ever saw me spent my lunch with her?”


“Do you ever saw me hold her hand and walking with her?”

“—no,” she answered again. Sukhee still can’t looked at Myungsoo in his eyes. She is afraid that she might drowned in those deep-black eyes.

“So, do you can conclude if I have a relationship or not?” Myungsoo asked for the last time in triumph.

Sukhee breathed once and blow away, still not looking at him. “Okay, I’m sorry. I just thought that you don’t have to tell me if you have a girlfriend so I thought it was possible if you—“

“Look at me, Sukhee. I already have someone who I treasured dearly, and she is not Jiyeon,” Sukhee didn’t have any option except following his word. When she looked at him, her heart felt like dropped to the ground. She can tell the look in his eyes, trying to drowning her deeply and made the heat starting to flushed her cheeks in pink. Her body froze when his fingers reached her left cheek. “Knowing you deeper these past months just made me fall to you more,”

Her eyes went wider and her face already been as red as tomato. Her heart leaped in shock while her lips froze. “W-what?!” she tried to rip his hand off her cheek but he tightened his grip and ended with cupping her face with both of his hands.

Oh. My. God.

Sukhee have already can’t breathe. Her chest pounding madly feeling his gaze on her so intense, so sincere. And his large and warm hands that hold her so close, made her lips trembling and her mind went blank. “M-Myung—“

“I attracted to you when I saw you reading soundly like a fallen angel. After getting close to you, I have to admitted that I fell for you. Hard. Everyday falling and falling more deeper each moment,” He took a deep breath while connecting their forehead. “Will you let me be your guy?”

Sukhee looked at him in disbelief. How can a kingka like him fall for her? For a ordinary girl like her? Sukhee took his hands on her face with her shaking hands, and pull off from his face. “M-myungsoo, I-I’m not those pretty girls. I-I’m not even that presentable to standing beside you. I d-don’t want you to regret—“ She squealed a bit when he cut her words by crashing his lips upon her. And in a blink, she realized that he started to claiming her lips, and dig the sweetness on her cavern. She was out of words, froze in her spot even after Myungsoo let go her lips and stared at her lovingly.

“You are perfect to me, Sukhee-ya. You are way more beautiful than those girls,” he whispered in husky, their face still inches apart that she can feel his hot breath against her skin. “Please, do you accept me? Will you be mine? I will try my best to make you happy,”

Sukhee smiled and close her eyes, fluttered with those words. She can feel the sincerity in his words, and only God knows how she wanted to be confident in herself too, confessing to Myungsoo. “I like you too, Myungsoo,” she whispered in a very soft voice, but he can heared it clearly. Myungsoo smiled wider in joy, and crashed his lips again on her lips. But now, Sukhee accept it with all of her heart. She returned his kisses, which made him deepened his kiss and hug her closer. He let it end when both of them felt running out of breath, but Myungsoo still pecking her lips before looked at her.

“Thank you,” he beamed in happiness. They stared at each other at a moment, smiling sweetly. But then, Myungsoo tilted his head and let out a sexy smirk of him. “By the way, I love your expression when you’re jealous on Jiyeon, babe,”

Sukhee stared for a moment and blinked. She blush madly and let out a pout. “I’m not jealous!”


[FF] Sight of Curiosity

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