[POEM] Resembling


Sounds weird and too touching,

When I’m talking about you and our memories playing over my mind.

And I think its more weird and more pity,

When glances of you comes to me once more.

I know we can’t see each other,

We can’t talk freely like we used to,

We can’t stared at each other, side by side,

Sitting peacefully like we are meant to be.

But glances of you comes to me,

Confused me, hurting me again and again,

Cause I miss you trully,

Cause I need you really.

I don’t know why and I never want this,

If your glances has been brought by another person,

Right in front of me, close to me,

Easily reached by me, easily touched my me.

I never want this,

I really never want to smell your scent,

When you’re not around

I really never want to think you’re right by my side,

When you’re only a shadow.

I never thought that your presence will be so important to me

And because of that I apologize, deeply

I keep looking at him, so I can feel you’re here

I keep getting around him, so I can smell your scent again

I keep watching over him, so I can repair my crave of you

But pity me, it hurts me more

Even when I feel you’re here,

You’re not here

When I smell your scent again,

It’s not yours

These things keep overflowing me again and again

Makes the crackes in my heart even wider everytime I realized

How I miss your scent,

How I miss your presence,

How I miss your voice and your smile,

Hurt me again and again,

While peaces of your glances keeps coming to me

Because he always resemble you

His scent, his behavior,

Even his gaze.

Makes me miss you more.


by : reenepott © 2014

[POEM] Resembling

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