One Shot

by : Reenepott

  1.  Once Upon a Dream (Key-Nicole)
  2. My Regret (Jonghyun-Gyuri)
  3.  My Secret Admirer (Ryeowook-OC)
  4. Love Love Love (Minho-Suzy)
  5.  It’s You (Minho-OC)
  6.  It’s Time To Say I Love You! (Taemin-OC)
  7. When He Shooting Me (Taemin-OC)
  8.  Only You (Sequel from It’s You) (Minho-OC)
  9.  [NC] You Are My Wife, Right?! – password protected (Minho-OC)
  10. Just Tell Me! (Key-OC)
  11.  Fairytale and Myth (Key-Jessica)
  12. Waiting For You (Jinki-OC)
  13. Fall’in of You (Minho-OC)
  14.  Your Answer (Minho-OC)
  15. Then You Left Me (Seungri-OC)
  16. Ending For Begining (Taemin-OC)
  17.  It’s Sleep Time || Baby! Baby! Baby!|| Good Person || Think Of You || Sweet Dream || Seul Rin’s Side: Mr. Fussy || Summer Paradise || Letter of Will || Seul Rin’s Side: Couple Ring || 7 Years of Love || IF || ALOHA || Status || I’m So Sorry || L’s Side || Sister || That Girl || Minho’s Side || L’s Side II || L’s Side III (Minho-OC)
  18.  Cinta Itu… Ehm! (Key-Amber, Minho-Jiyeon,Taemin-Suzy, Onew-Seungyeon, Jonghyun-Eunsoo-Donghae)
  19.  First Date (Jonghyun-OC)
  20.  Your Name  (Minho-OC)
  21. Chocolate For You (Yonghwa-OC)
  22. 5 Songs Challege: Untitled || Untitled II ||  (Random Casts)
  23. When 7 Years Passed (Kai-OC)
  24. HURT || SCARED || STUPID || The End of Story
  25.  Because I Can’t Say That I love You (Jonghyun-OC)
  26.  Hi My Ex (Minho-OC)
  27. Drabbles Pack: #1 || #2 ||
  28. The Lucky Skittish (Sehun-OC)
  29. KISS ME! (Jeongmin-OC)
  30. Stolen Eyes [password protected] (Taemin-OC)
  31. Never (L-OC)
  32. Reality, Not Fake (L-OC)
  33. Black Prince (L-OC)
  34. Hanging (OC-Daehyun)
  35. Mr. and Mrs. Choi (Minho-OC)
  36. Sweet Misunderstand (L-OC)
  37. Morning, Babe! (Kris-OC)
  38. Surat Kaleng (L-OC)
  39. Kalah Sebelum Perang (Hyunjoong-OC)
  40. Way To Love You | Way To Love You II | Way to Love You III (Minho-OC)
  41. KISS : Never Felt So Good (L-OC)
  42. You Always On That Table | That’s Your Name |On Rainy Days | Caramel Macchiato, Please | (Seungri-OC)
  43. Late At Night (L-OC)
  44. Confessions: Fall For You (Key Ver.) | What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful (Minho Ver.) |  (SHINee-OCs)
  45. Her (Chanyeol-OC)
  46. Ex-Childhood Friend (Minho-OC)
  47. Come to See You (Joongki-OC)
  48. Doubted (Jonghyun-OC)
  49. Naksir Berat (Leo-Calypso)
  50. The New Year’s Eve (Minho-Hara)
  51. Worried (L-OC)
  52. Sight of Curiosity (L-OC)

by : Charismagirl

  1. Because I’m Rapper, So What? (Minho)
  2. Mr.Simple V.S Complicated Girl (Minho-OC)
  3. Please, Don’t Go (Minho-OC)
  4. Simple Party For Kibum (Key-SHINee)
  5. Tell Me Your Wish?! (SHINee-Yoona)
  6. Because I’m Ledaer (Jinki)
  7. Part Of My Life [Minho’s Birthday] (Minho-SHINee)
  8. [re-post] Misunderstand (Minho-OC)
  9. Beautiful Present (Jonghyun-OC)
  10. Choose One (Minho-OC)
  11. What Is Love (Baekhyun-OC)
  12. I Can’t Live Without You (Minho-OC)
  13. Dream Note (Taemin-OC-Key)
  14. Always Key ‘Umma’ (Key-SHINee-OC)
  15. Baekhyun, Married?! (Baekhyun-OC)
  16. When Friendship Not Be Friendship Anymore
  17. KyuLine’s Story : Valentine Day (Minho-OC, Kyuhyun-OC, Max Changmin-OC)
  18. It’s Not Joking Anymore! (Minho-OC)
  19. I’m Yours, Whenever You Want (Minho-OC)
  20. The Sweetest Cupcake Ever!   (Kris-OC)
  21. My Boyfriend is a Baby (Baekhyun-OC)
  22. Still a Baby (Baekhyun-OC)
  23. My Black Pearl Talking About Marriage (Baekhyun-OC)

[updated 05-01-2018] 

NB: Disusun dari paling lama ke paling baru. Kalau begini ribet gak? Hehe. Maaf baru diperbaiki sekarang. Semoga membantu ^^

2 thoughts on “One Shot

  1. andinarima says:

    Yah eon, maaf nih sebelumnya. Tapi library nya bikin aku pusing 😀 hehe, maaaaaf banget kalau lancang. Kan biar lebih bagus menurutku di susun Alfabetis atau terserah eon, tz dikasih cast + genre nya 🙂 maaaf kalau lancang ^^ hihi

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